Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites

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With continuously evolving innovations within technology and communications, high-speed, low-latency internet access, no matter the location, is expected by users – for many, it’s a need, not a luxury. Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites aim to provide just that, as well as providing a solution to connect the four billion people that are currently unconnected. This four billion accommodates 13% of developed locations and 53% of undeveloped locations across the world, including areas that cannot be reached by other internet solutions due to remoteness, lack of infrastructure and large costs.  

LEO Satellites 

LEO satellites are the latest innovation in the satellite industry. As suggested by their name, these satellites are situated lower in the Earth’s orbit – they are around 50 times closer to the Earth than their (Geo-stationary Orbit) GEO counterparts.  

Due to their closer proximity to Earth, LEO satellites can provide high throughput (around 100mbps), low latency (30ms) connectivity, with global coverage – a first for the satcomms industry.  

Bridging the divide 

Good connectivity has become an essential requirement to effective business operations. This is particularly true in the Oil & Gas and Maritime sectors, where improvements to connectivity are transforming all aspects of operations for the better, including health and safety improvements and carbon reduction. There are however barriers surrounding the accessibility and the expensive costs associated with building the infrastructure to provide internet access. Issues that could be solved with the implementation of a LEO satellite solution. 

LEO satellites address the challenges faced by other solutions as it provides full global coverage, inclusive of all polar regions. However, unlike other solutions, LEO does not require lengthy and expensive construction processes – the satellites can be made to order, and the portable end-user terminals can be self-assembled. LEO offers a much faster, more reliable connection than other satecomms solutions, with a low enough latency for business-critical operations. 

Due to LEO’s ability to provide connectivity in difficult to reach locations, it is perfect for markets including: 

  • Aviation – commercial and business flights 
  • Maritime – shipping, commercial fishing 
  • Search and rescue operations 
  • Utilities – including wind farms and hydro plants 
  • Offshore – oil rigs 

Benefits of LEO Satellites 

  • Capacity for acceleration of IIoT devices and business digitalisation (particularly in industries such as oil and gas, situated in remote locations) 
  • Offers complete global coverage  
  • High speed (100mbps)/ Low latency (<30ms) 
  • Due to their location within the earth’s orbit, satellites are less susceptible to damage (e.g. solar storms), than other satellites  

For more information on LEO satellites or how we can help you with your connectivity solutions, please get in touch. 

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