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Providing OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet for aviation and airports – enable better mobility and connectivity today.

Fast, secure connectivity for commercial and business aviation

OneWeb’s fibre-like experience will transform in-flight connectivity, offering speeds of up to 195Mbps, with less than 50ms of latency. With existing flight connectivity solutions often unreliable, OneWeb will finally deliver the best possible in-flight experience for passengers, cabin and flight crew, across commercial and business aviation markets. Good connectivity, no matter the location, is expected – like business, you will finally have an office in the sky that never switches off.

Add value to your airline by delivering a fully connected customer journey. Watch the following video, which demonstrates how OneWeb’s constellation of low earth orbit satellites will deliver the best possible in-flight connectivity experience:

How can OneWeb improve aviation ops?

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Passenger experience

Clarus and OneWeb will partner with your airline to provide your customers an unrivaled in-flight WiFi experience. With full global coverage, OneWeb’s satellite constellation will enable passengers to instantly connect and enjoy streaming live sporting events, online gaming, video conferencing, and much more.

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cabin crew

OneWeb will help deliver an in-flight experience like never before, enabling cabin crew access to IoT solutions focused on providing customers with a truly professional, personalised service. Employees will have access to real-time passenger data such as frequent flyer offers and dietary requirements, providing airlines complete visibility of the full passenger journey.

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flight crew

OneWeb will help airlines maximise efficiencies across the board. Flight crews will be able to access instant, real-time data via their Electronic Flight Bag, including weather and flight planning applications. Using this data, flight crews can optimise flight plans in the air in real-time, improving fuel efficiency by minimising delays caused by adverse weather, for example.

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By leveraging real-time data, OneWeb will help airlines completely transform operations. Minimise aircraft downtime through instant data transfer, directly to the ground team. This includes in-flight maintenance tracking, real-time notifications and automated video / image downloads of faults, using telemetry devices installed on aircraft components.

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