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Providing OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet for maritime – enable better mobility and connectivity today.

fibre-like connectivity at sea

With 70% of the world covered in water, Clarus and OneWeb believe that fast, reliable connectivity should be just as accessible offshore as it is in the office. Our solution will allow ports, merchant ships, offshore rigs, cruise liners, and commercial shipping operations to become more productive, sustainable, and lucrative.

OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency solution will transform operations offshore and at sea. This includes enabling operators to leverage real-time data on performance, environmental monitoring, and crew scheduling, as well as delivering the best possible digital experience for staff and customers on cruise ships, yachts, and ferries.

Watch OneWeb’s video below to see how we will make great connectivity a standard for the maritime industry:

How can OneWeb improve maritime ops?

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Merchant Shipping & ports

OneWeb brings fibre-like connectivity to ships, enabling a fully functional office at sea. Technology is continuously evolving and is already integral to shipping and port operations. OneWeb’s solution will fully digitise the full lifecycle, improving performance through real-time vessel optimisation, environmental monitoring, and crew productivity and wellbeing. A first for the industry, OneWeb will provide fast, reliable connectivity in the Arctic regions, allowing difficult routes to be monitored much more effectively.

oneweb leo oil offshore oil and gas


With an in-depth understanding of the industry, Clarus and OneWeb acknowledge that the future success of offshore operations relies on improving operational efficiencies and reducing the costs of extraction and production. Our solution provides offshore operations with unrivaled connectivity. This enables improved productivity, safety, and reduced costs thanks to real-time data analysis, automation, and predictive maintenance.

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cruise, yachts & ferry ops

As technology continues to evolve, connectivity is driving improvements in passenger experience, as well as vessel performance, monitoring, and health and safety. Deliver unrivaled customer satisfaction with high-capacity, constant internet access, whether it’s for using applications for onboard services, streaming, or communication with friends and family back home. Improve operations with improved staff services and wellbeing, enhanced vessel safety, and 24 hour, real-time monitoring.

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commercial fishing

Clarus and OneWeb help commercial fishing fleets improve productivity and deliver against increasing environmental demands. Leverage real-time data for optimising catch quotas, managing supply chains, monitoring performance, and ensuring government compliance on cross-border and regional fishing operations. In addition to fishing operations, good connectivity improves crew wellbeing, allowing employees to communicate with their loved ones and enjoy streaming live sporting events, for example.

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