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Providing OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet for transportation and mobility services – enable better connectivity today.

fibre-like connectivity on the move

The future of mobility is connectivity, with vehicle software growing in prominence, not only for sectors such as logistics and public transport but also for electric and autonomous vehicles. 

OneWeb’s high-speed, low latency solution will transform operations on land, at sea, and in the air. By facilitating the transfer of data between organisations’ main infrastructure and external assets, OneWeb can help to deliver the best possible digital experience for employees and customers on trains, buses, and delivery vehicles, as well as support welfare and aid operations.

How can OneWeb improve mobility?

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public transport

Leverage OneWeb’s ecosystem of proprietary technologies to provide connectivity for vital business operations, as well as passengers, no matter the location. Support train drivers and managers with live travel data to help ensure smooth, safe journeys, and provide the best possible passenger experience through high-speed guest WiFi services. 

welfare & Aid

Small, rugged, lightweight User Terminals can be carried on the person or integrated onboard welfare vehicles. From crisis response to large-scale humanitarian aid, OneWeb can help ensure a joined-up approach to helping those in need. OneWeb can also be used by first-responders and integrated with emergency services networks.

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OneWeb supports the interconnectivity of mission-critical devices, enabling advanced automation, machine learning, and real-time data for logistics, manufacturing, and related industries. 

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