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Providing OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet for emergency services and search and rescue operations – enable better mobility and connectivity today.


OneWeb’s network supports emergency response agencies tasked with finding and recovering personnel who may be in remote areas, and in challenging weather conditions. Search and Rescue operators must be capable of rapidly deploying a variety of platforms in response to any given situation. Unable to rely upon fixed communications infrastructures, search and rescue personnel benefit from enhanced intelligence of the region, through a variety of LEO technologies on the land, sea, and air. 

OneWeb enables maximum levels in interoperability with other communications networks and legacy systems, extending the capabilities of existing Emergency Services Networks (ESN).

How can OneWeb support emergency response?

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Search & Rescue

Leverage OneWeb’s ecosystem of proprietary technologies, including LEO-only Airborne User Terminals, to provide search and rescue teams with throughput performance and efficiency across multiple environments.


Maritime patrols

Surface vessels are able to access the OneWeb network through small, lightweight and ruggedised Maritime User Terminals which can be integrated on board almost any platform type regardless of payload restrictions.


coast guard connectivity
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ground forces

Small, rugged, lightweight User Terminals can be carried on-the-person or integrated on board vehicles – including ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles – to support emergency personnel with real-time data and surveillance. 

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