Providing OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet for construction sites – enable better mobility and connectivity today.

Improve productivity & cost control

OneWeb enables a more cost-effective, higher-quality wireless data connectivity option for construction sites and civil engineering projects. Good connectivity is vital to construction site operations, including employee communication, security, and of course health and safety.

OneWeb is perfect for projects with sites spread across a large area, perhaps tens or hundreds of miles (e.g. wind farms), sites that depend on vital IoT automation, or those that handle sensitive data.

How can OneWeb improve construction ops?



Streamline and improve construction site operations with a central, interconnected network for all staff, devices and data transfer. This may include real-time Building Information Modelling (BIM), remotely operated construction machinery, sensors and much more.



OneWeb helps construction companies improve safety by enabling IoT-led security systems such as drones, employee PPE, vehicle tracking, driverless vehicles, security cameras, and site access terminals



The speed and bandwidth offered by OneWeb will facilitate interconnected voice, data, and video communication for site staff. For example, uploading and downloading large CAD files, or using BIM in real-time. This speeds up the feedback cycle, therefore improving productivity and cutting costs. 


Health & Safety

By leveraging real-time data, OneWeb will help  transform construction operations. Wearable tech used to monitor employees’ health and safety can include IoT-enabled hardhats that detect when employees are near hazards such as moving vehicles or PPE which monitors physical health indicators, including employee heart rate.

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