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To improve network mobility, resilience and robustness, many organisations and enterprises are adopting a wireless-first strategy. OneWeb connects a wide range of enterprise and industrial applications, including:

From real-time itinerary management to aircraft maintenance data, OneWeb provides high-speed, in-flight connectivity for passengers, cabin crew, and operations. 

Enable fibre-like connectivity merchant ships, ports, offshore oil rigs and cruise vessels. Improve customer experience, crew operations and environmental monitoring with OneWeb. 

With sites spanning tens or hundreds of miles and often located in very remote locations, OneWeb can provide high-speed connectivity where traditional fibre cannot. 

Support emergency response agencies tasked with finding and recovering personnel who may be in remote areas, and in challenging weather conditions.

Better health and safety through the interconnectivity of devices (cameras, sensors, drones, vehicle tracking, PPE) across sites. Improve productivity and cut costs through real-time data and communication.


Interconnectivity of mission-critical devices, enabling advanced automation, machine learning and real-time data for manufacturing, logistics and related industries. 

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